Learn How

Master Your Business Finances.

Save Lakhs Of Money On Taxes.

Increase Your Profits.

Build Massive Wealth.

Do you identify yourself in these situations,

Are you a freelancer/ solopreneur woman CEO who is clueless about where to start when it comes to knowing your numbers to grow your numbers but wants to master it?
Are you a female entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed when it comes to finances, taxes, and legal matters but wants to make informed financial decisions and make profits?
Are you a girl boss who feels intimidated when it comes to money but wants to become financially independent and empowered and take charge of your business’s money aspects?
Join Sonia Dawar, Virtual CFO and Business Finance Coach, in her Profit to Wealth Accelerator Membership and take the first step in increasing your profits and scale your business.


Master your money and build wealth your way
while living a life you truly love.

Imagine being able to answer all of these questions with utmost confidence

What is the cost of running your business?

What is your most profitable Product or Service?

How to save on expenses?

Can you afford to hire a new team member?

How is your business taxed?

How much do you need to set aside for taxes?

Are you on track to stay on budget this year? Wait, how to even begin with the budget?

How to keep record of your business documents and receipts so that you are ever ready to answer tax officials if you’re questioned?

Brand New Curriculum!

Let us introduce you to the
Profit of Wealth Accelerator Blueprint

A membership worth every penny! I have seen many people enrolling to programs which filled with an overwhelming amount of information but that makes it really hard for them to process and implement.
That’s why I created Profit To Wealth Accelerator- a step by step wealth building program. It’s not like other programs that guide you with just a solo path to success because we all know, there are many!

D.R.E.A.M. framework

Define your Dream

This path is all about ideation and making sure what you are working on is bringing you closer to your purpose i.e. dream business and life.

Record and Review to Grow

This path is all about keeping track of numbers in your business and reviewing it consistently to stay on track to grow your business.

Eliminate Expenses and Taxes

Here, we focus on using various tax strategies to save money on taxes and unnecessary expenses. What creates real value is Profits

Automate and Organize to Scale

This path leads to organising, creating systems and automating them so that you can work on your business instead of in it.

Manage Your Wealth

This is the real value creation for you as a business owner where you can truly enjoy financial abundance in your business and life.

What are the benefits of joining
the Profit and Wealth Accelerator?

12 Monthly Money Masterclasses to assist you in handling your business finances like a CEO

How to set financial goals for your business, create a budget and a plan to achieve them. Perfect to begin the new Financial Year.

How to do stress free preparation of taxes?

How to DIY your Bookkeeping?

How to read financial statements?

How to price your services?

How to get the clients to pay what you want: The art of negotiation.

How to run your business on Autopilot: Systems and Automations.

12 guest workshops on

Master your Money Mindset

Personal Health: Manage your Monthly flow to channelize your energy as women and use it for your advantage as the CEO.

Manage your Personal Finances and Become a Fe'money'ist

Let's talk legal: how to protect your business legally

The power of Social Media Marketing and how to use it to scale your business?

How to approach PR for your business?

How to pitch your services nad expand your reach?


Q & A Sessions

Where Sonia will clear all your doubts regarding scaling your business and increasing your profits.

Recordings will be made available.

Free access

To my treasure of guides, checklists and training that will equip you in mastering your business finances.

DIY Book-keeping template

Guide to thrive in Business

Monthly Office hour calls,

aka Money dates with Sonia and fellow business owners. You will be working on your business to bring the consistency and clarity you need in your business.

Access to

An engaging Facebook community where you can promote and collaborate with like-minded ambitious women entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of community as a safe place to learn and grow together and see the magic happen where women are supporting women.

Member-led events

Where you can teach your expert skills to other members. Inside the community, you will get the platform to present your ideas and expand your reach to other entrepreneurs. See a Big WIN-WIN!!!

Money Mindset Affirmation Bundle

Every month we’ll set affirmations for the month and send you a pack of wallpapers for your computer and phone.


Money Mindset Affirmation Bundle - every month we’ll set affirmations for the month and send you a pack of wallpapers for your computer and phone.

Total Value: 29,000 INR/month
Price: 999 INR/month
All you need to do is implement everything taught inside
the Profit and Wealth Accelerator and invest,
You will save 499 INR when paid in full!


1. The Profit to Wealth Accelerator membership pricing will increase to INR 999 when we launch to for all but, if you become the founding member today your price will never change.
2. A 6 month commitment is required if paying month-to-month.

Who is this for?

You are a female entrepreneur who is pursuing your passion to make it a profitable business.

You are an ambitious woman who wants to shrink the financial gap and build your own wealth.

You are looking to connect, learn and grow with like-minded women just like you who are building their own profitable biz.

You have the super awesome community of fellow bosses who will cheer you up in your journey of building wealth – Community Over Competition.

You are looking for a safe place where you can ask experts who have “Been there, done that” any business question without the feeling of being judged or feeling behind.

Who is this not for?

PWX is not for you if you are not running your own business or not intending to start one – This membership is for solopreneurs/ freelancers/ entrepreneurs and business owners.

You are looking for a high-level 1:1 personal services for your business – While I will be available a lot during the business hours to support and encourage members, within the membership and the community, this will not a private coaching program.

You are looking for a quick fix or secret sauce “to get rich quick”. Building a business and wealth takes time and my methods are for those who are in it for the long haul.

You are not looking to put in efforts to learn and implement at the time and afraid of taking small but mighty action steps toward your success in wealth building.

You don’t want to take advantage of the business community to find your future business partner/ ally, ideal clients or even your future friends and teams.

What My Clients Are Saying

About Me..

BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER and get a FREE bonus Masterclass on “Goal-setting and Budgeting for FY 2021-22”

Value - INR 1,000


Is Profit To Wealth Accelerator membership right for me?
It is right fit for you,
  • if you are planning to start a business and want to set a right financial base for it.
  • If you are clueless about the business finances but want to master it.
  • If you are overwhelmed by the business finances but are willing to learn the art of taking informed financial decisions.
  • If the business finances intimidate you and you want to take control of them and get empowered.
I am planning to start my business. Is P2W right for me to join?
In P2W, Sonia teaches you about the finance side of your business. It’s a great idea to enroll in this membership before you start your business, as this membership will teach you to scale your business revenue. However this membership teaches how to grow your business and not how to start your business.
How long is the Profit To Wealth Accelerator membership and how much time committed is needed per day?
The membership is year long and it takes….
Is this membership going to help me with bookkeeping/accounting?
Yes, the tools and resources you would need to help you with your business’s bookkeeping, and accounting side are provided inside the membership. The resources are designed to give you results to level up in your business.
Book-keeping is an important part of business finance, and Sonia will answer all your queries regarding it in the monthly Q&A sessions.
Will I learn how to invest & what to invest in inside this membership?
We’ve got to be careful with this! I am not a financial advisor and have no certifications to give you investment advice. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, I will teach you the basics and make you confident enough to decide how you want to invest your own money. You will also get expert guest workshops to take care of your personal finances right from the get-go!
How much guidance is available to me?
You will get access to Sonia herself as your personal CFO guide, an engaged facebook community of like minded female entrepreneurs, office hour calls where you work on your business finances with Sonia and other members, and 2 live Q&A sessions where you can get all of your doubts cleared.
The recordings of the Office hour calls and live Q&A will be made available in the facebook group and you can refer to them whenever you want to. How awesome is that?
Is all of the content available straight away, or is it time-released (drip-fed)?
Once you join the Accelerator, you will receive immediate access to foundational tools and resources when we will go live in April. New content will also be released monthly as a part of the masterclass live every single month, along with the replay.
Can I upgrade to the annual membership later?
Yes, you can upgrade to the annual membership later. If you want to become a part of this membership but are unsure about a year long commitment you can opt in for 6 months and see if you want to be a part of it for a long term which I’m sure you will.
Is there a refund policy?
There’s no refund offered due to the digital and downloadable nature of the products inside the membership. Profit To Wealth Accelerator is for those who understand the importance of business finance and the value behind this membership. If you decide to opt-out of this membership, you will retain access until the end of your current billing period.
Will the price go up in the future?
Yes! The price of the Profit To Wealth Accelerator will go up to 999/month from 499/month after the limited seats.
Limited slots available! Grab your seat now.

Are you still thinking whether or not to join?

Tell me what’s holding you back from joining Profit To Wealth Accelerator. Follow me on Instagram @soniadawar or Mail me at sonia@soniadawar.com and let’s discuss whether this membership is a right fit for you or not. I don’t want you to waste your time or money on something that’s not for you.
Value: INR 41,000/month
Price: INR 999 INR/month
Become a Founding Member today INR 499 INR/month!


Most Flexible

join six monthly
  • Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees
  • Monthly Finance Masterclass to help you be the CEO of your business
  • Monthly Guest Expert Workshop to help you ace your business and personal life
  • Monthly office hours to perform your CEO tasks together with the community
  • Monthly Q&A calls with Sonia/ guest experts to clarify all the doubts
  • Monthly resources, tools vault
  • Invitation to private PWX community
  • Price locked in and will never increase
  • Exclusive member benefits and discounts on our favourite brands and products
  • Plus all the listed benefits mentioned on this page

Best Value

  • Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees
  • Monthly Finance Masterclass to help you be the CEO of your business
  • Monthly Guest Expert Workshop to help you ace your business and personal life
  • Monthly office hours to perform your CEO tasks together with the community
  • Monthly Q&A calls with Sonia/ guest experts to clarify all the doubts
  • Monthly resources, tools vault
  • Invitation to private PWX community
  • Price locked in and will never increase
  • Exclusive member benefits and discounts on our favourite brands and products
  • Plus all the listed benefits mentioned on this page
  • Discount for 2 months – Pay for 10 months
  • Access to Namastey Money Course 101 – Price INR 499 (absolutely free)

AboutSonia Dawar

I’m Sonia, a Virtual CFO and a Business Finance Coach. My mission is to help 100K females make INR 1 Crores of Wealth (Net Worth) for themselves and The Profit To Wealth Accelerator membership is a step in that direction.

After becoming CA at the age of 21 and working with 2 of the world’s BIG accounting and consulting firms and the SWISS BANK based in Mumbai, Pune, and Singapore forthe first 5 years of my career and gained high-level business accounting and tax expertise.

I have worked with many start-ups and small companies for the last 8 years in my practice and noticed the reason why small businesses stay small; it’s because of the way these businesses handle (read ‘mishandle’) their finances.

What I’ve understood from my experience is that establishing a clear understanding of business finances is the KEY to success of any business, and I’m oh-so excited to know that you’re willing to take the first step towards success by joining the Profit To Wealth Accelerator Membership. I honestly believe that this membership will significantly impact your life with the knowledge you’ll gain and the connections you’ll make.

The end goal is to share my expertise with female business owners like YOU to get you financially organized and control your cash flows while showing you legal ways to save money on taxes. So join us now! I can’t wait to connect with you.