Video Verification for eMudhra DSC

video for emudhra DSC

Now, you can get your digital signature certificate online at the eMudhra portal. If you don’t know how to do the video and eSign verification of your DSC at eMudhra, then this blog is for you. Keep reading to find out the exact process you need to follow to verify your PAN card and Aadhar card, and complete the video verification process at the eMudhra portal.

eMudhra is a licensed Certifying Authority of India that issues digital signature certificates (DSC). Having a DSC is really, really important whether you want to start your business, incorporate your company/LLP, or file various forms at the new Income Tax Portal. Your digital signature certificate is the first thing you need to get into business. And for your DSC to be processed, you need to fill out an application form and then perform video and eSign verification where you need to verify your PAN card and Aadhar card on the video portal at eMudhra. This will authenticate you on the portal. And then, anywhere you place your signature, it will signify that you have signed that document. So you should keep your DSC handy and if you do give it out to a professional for any reason, make sure they don’t use it for any other reason than the one you gave it to them for.

Before you begin, make sure to keep your PAN card and Aadhaar card handy. Once you have filled out and submitted your application, you will find these three emails in your inbox for the email id you have provided in the application:

  • Your Digital Certificate Application ******** initiated successfully (This is the first email you will receive)
  • eMudhra – Link to complete eSign Verification process (This will help you go ahead with your eSign verification)
  • eMudhra – Link to complete Video Verification process (This will help you go ahead with your video verification)

eSign Verification 

For the eSign verification process, you need to click on the given link to complete the OTP Validation/eSign. This will ask you to set a username and PIN for your DSC. For the username, you will need to use a combination of letters and numbers. Use a secure PIN that you don’t use in any other accounts, but that is also very easy to remember, because you will need to use this PIN every time you use your digital signature. Fill these in along with the OTP you will receive at your email when you click on ‘Get OTP’. If you didn’t get your OTP even though it’s been a while, you can check your spam inbox or resend one.

When you click ‘Next’, it will then ask you to enter the PIN you just created, and a mobile OTP that you can get by clicking on ‘Get OTP’. So keep your mobile phone on you. Once you have filled in the OTP, check the agreement box and click on ‘Submit’.

Great. Now, you’re done with the eSign verification. You have authenticated that you are indeed the one using the mobile that you have filled in the phone number of, and that you are in possession of the email ID you have filled in. So it’s really important that you put in your own mobile number, and not someone else’s.

Video Verification for emudhra DSC

Now, click on ‘Continue to Video Recording’ on this page (or go ahead and click on the link in the second email you had received), and you’ll be taken to the video verification page. This is where along with describing the requirements of the video, it will ask if you want to continue in English, Hindi, or another language. This page will also ask permission to access your mic and webcam- allow this access.

Now, it will pull up the camera. You need to click on ‘Press to Start Recording’ to begin recording the video.

On the screen, you will see the sentences you need to say in the video. This will be something like this: “I am SONIA DAWAR, applied for DSC with eMudhra. 1 4 6 is the code for this video.” After saying this, you need to show your original PAN card to the camera, and then show the Aadhaar card as well. So when you click on ‘Start Recording’, it will start recording you. You only have a limited amount of time, and you have to finish recording within that window. And then when you are done, just click on ‘Stop Recording’.

Before submitting this video, the portal will let you watch it by clicking ‘Preview’. If you feel like you made a mistake in speaking the sentence out loud, or if you feel that the documents aren’t clearly visible or cropped in the video, you can just re-record it by clicking ‘Record Again’. If you are satisfied with the video, you can click on ‘Submit’.

Now, it will display a dialog box telling you that the video recording was successful. This will include a button to track your application status by clicking ‘Track Application Status’.

Once the team at eMudhra assesses, verifies, and approves your application, you can download your digital signature certificate in a physical token and then use it as DSC to affix any forms with the government, to file an ITR, or for any other purpose.

And that’s it- you have successfully completed your eSign and Video Verification at the eMudhra portal. Feel free to use your DSC wherever you want, but keep it safe!


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