RESOLVE Validation in Progress Error at Income Tax New Portal

resolve validation progress error at New IT portal

Are you struggling with the “Validation in Progress” error at the new Income Tax Portal? A while ago, it came to light that a lot of users have been facing this error when trying to file their income tax return. Read on to find out how to resolve this error so you can go on to file your ITR without an error and get your tax refunds in your bank account ASAP.

Start by logging into the new income tax portal at Now suppose you have linked three bank accounts to this portal, but only one of them appears to be validated- the rest show the “validation is improved” error.

Why does this error happen? Well, when you update your bank account details at the new portal, you need to ensure that three things match- your name (first and last), your mobile number, and your email address. If there are any inconsistencies between these three details in your bank account and your income tax details or your bank card, that can prevent those accounts from being validated. To resolve this error, first, you need to confirm that all three of these details are correct, and put in an update request at either place if not. For example, a person’s last name might change after marriage, and needs to be updated hence.

If the name or another important detail doesn’t match, the account won’t be pre-validated. Then you won’t be able to use it to get income tax refunds. You can’t edit any account details here, only delete them. Also, you can only delete an account if its status is validated or validated and EBC-enabled. You should have at least one bank account where all the details match so that it is pre-validated. Make sure this account is selected as nominated for tax refunds. And once it’s pre-validated, you can also use it to receive an OTP to verify the return.

Until the new income tax portal patches a lot of the new bugs and glitches, we hope this resolves your issue with the validation in progress error at the portal.

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