How to Login At Income Tax New Portal Using Aadhaar OTP

Login At Income Tax New Portal

It can be hard to remember all the passwords you use on all the different websites and portals we have today. So if you don’t remember the password to log into the income tax portal to file your current income tax return, don’t panic, because there is a way out. If you never want to remember another password to log in to the income tax portal to file a return, you don’t have to! How does this work? Let’s find out.

There are multiple options for you to log into the income tax portal if you don’t want to remember your password every time you log in.

Well, now, there is another way to log into the new income tax portal– you can now log in using your Aadhar OTP. For this to work, you must have already linked your PAN card with your Aadhar card. Secondly, your other card should have the correct mobile number. When you request an OTP at the income tax portal, you will receive it at this number.

In order to activate your Aadhar OTP for logging into the Income Tax New portal, you first need to type the address of the new income tax portal in the address bar of your browser, which is, and then click on login at the top right corner. For logging in, you need to use your old PAN card and password set by you. But once you set this up correctly, you can use Aadhar OTP to log into the website without having to remember a password.

But to set it up, you will need to have the password to log into your income tax profile. This is the same password you used to log into the old income tax portal. Then type in your PAN Card number and click on continue. Now, confirm the secure message, update the password, and click on Continue. You’ll be redirected to the e-filing portal. If you want, you can update your profile by clicking on Update Profile.

Now, on the left, you’ll see options for changing the settings in your profile. One of the options on the left-hand side of the menu is for logging in through Aadhar OTP. Click on other OTP logins. You’ll be asked- do you want to enable your login through Aadhar OTP for single-factor authentication here? By default, No is selected, and that’s why you need to set it up first. So click on Yes.

To be able to change it, you need to click on Edit and then click on Yes and save it. It will then send an OTP on the number linked to your Aadhar. So you’ll need the mobile with you when making this change. Once you fill in the OTP and agree to validate your Aadhar details, click on continue. Now, you’ll see that Yes is selected. 

If you want to see how it will appear at the time of login, you can log out from the portal and log in again. This time, enter your PIN number as your user ID. Now, you’ll see the option of Aadhar OTP. Select this option. With the first option, you need to select the secure message. And with the second option, you need to continue and log in using an OTP that you’ll receive on your phone.

Now, you’ll be able to log in with your Aadhar OTP.  This is a very simple way to log into the income tax portal without having to remember one more password.

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