✓ Dedicated team of professionals to give you the best experience while filing your taxes so You don’t feel overwhelmed.

✓ Complimentary tax advisory on saving your taxes and tax-deductions you can avail so You don’t leave money on the table.

✓ Transfer documents through secure portal and personal communication with team.

✓ Support to e-verify your return to save your time and send your ITR faster for processing

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Team Sonia Dawar has helped more than 500 individuals and businesses file their returns and save money on taxes and build their wealth. See what her clients has to say about her…

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Accurate and timely tax filings

You will never have to worry about filing  your taxes late or filing them wrong.  Team Sonia Dawar works really hard to make so that YOU can finally relax about your taxes.

Organised Documents

No more sharing information using unencrypted emails. We organise and secure all YOUR tax documents for you so YOU can access them when you need them.

Tax Savings and Wealth Creation

We share several guides to inform your about variosu tax deductions whether you are an employee or a new business owner. We save money for you on taxes and build your wealth.