How to e-verify last year’s Income Tax Return on New Income tax portal

e verify itr for lastyear at new income tax portal

Did you file your previous year’s income tax return but forget to verify it? Well, in this blog we’ll tell you all about how you can verify your income tax return with Condonation of Delay. We are all in a pandemic, and for some taxpayers, it may not be possible to E-verify their return for various reasons like not being able to send the documents, not receiving the OTP, or mismatch of the mobile number.

If there is a genuine reason because of which you were not able to verify your income tax return, you can now apply for Condonation of Delay. It will take your income tax return for further processing and you will get your income tax refunds after your ITR is processed. 

Go to your browser and type in in the URL bar. Now that you are at the income tax portal you will see a login button on the top right corner of the page. Click on it, enter your PAN Number in the user ID field, and login. You will be redirected to the dashboard. In order to verify your previous return with Condonation request, you need to go to file in the main menu section within your profile after you have logged in. Then, go to the income tax return and click on E Verify Return. 

Once there, you will see some ITRs that had not been previously verified. You’ll need to e-verify them now. A button on the right-hand side that will show you that you have not verified your returns for this particular financial year or assessment year.

It will give you a popup message saying you need to submit your condonation because the due date for e-verifying the return has already passed. If you click on OK a second button will appear. It says Submit condonation and E-verify. Click on it. Now this page will show you a path with four steps. The first step is to mention the reason for the delay.

For this, you can pick out of four options in a dropdown, or select Others. If you were not aware that the ITR-V sent to CPC was rejected for technical reasons, you could choose this reason and continue. If your ITR-V was not accepted by CPC, you can choose the option that says you were not aware of the verification process. Another option says that you were not aware that a signed ITR-V must be sent to the CPC.

Select the relevant reason for the delay and then continue. If you pick an option that is not a valid reason, the portal won’t let you continue. In that case, you must to select the ‘others’ option and mention the reason why you couldn’t e-verify this return earlier, and the continue.

Once you click on Continue, the portal will tell you that you have completed your second step. In the third step, you need to select a method for return verification– whether you want to verify using the mobile number linked to your aadhar card or by requesting an OTP from the bank. Whichever option you choose to verify with, pick an option and enter the OTP  you’ll receive on your mobile phone. When you press continue, your return will be successfully verified. 

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