8 Tips to Decide on a Business Name.

how to decide business name

You’ve got this mind-blowing idea for startups business, the business plan is also ready, but you have not yet decided on your startup business’s name. And, when it comes to naming, may it be a child, your Instagram handles, or business, we all know that’s not an easy task. It will take days or even months to come up with a name that describes you and your brand, as it will be the first impression on your audience and, it has to be right.

Many business owners make mistakes in deciding the names for their business. And later, discover they cannot even have the name registered as a company or under trademark because the name chosen is too generic or already taken by some other business.

I have listed out 8 steps to decide and own the name for your business. Keep reading as you don’t want to miss out on the bonus information at the ending of the blog post

1.Finding a suitable name.

Selecting a suitable name for your business that matches the vibe of it isn’t an easy task. So, I suggest you look for the keywords (in your niche) on the internet, check which word/phrase is more searched. Or ask your audience to suggest some names or take help from family and friends. Or you can generate business names through online websites.

2. Easy to spell.

The name of the business you choose has to have an easy spelling which the consumers can look upon the internet without any confusion, for example: ‘dresses4u,’ names like this cause confusion while googling like if it is ‘you’ or ‘u.’

3. Easy to say out loud.

‘Mellifluous Music Classes,’ sure this name looks good on the screen, but the word ‘mellifluous’ is difficult to say aloud and even remember. Many people don’t even consider searching for a name as hard and rare as this one.

4. Easy to remember.

The name of your business has to be easy to remember and impact the consumers’. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, etc., have a name that suggests what they are and, they are super easy to remember. Look for a name that is easy to remember and, at the same time, leave a lasting impact.

5. Google the name and check if the domain name is available

As soon as you pick a name for the business, google and check if the name is available. You don’t want to be using a name that’s in use already. If the name you chose for your business is not in use, then search on GoDaddy.com to check the domain name availability. If the domain is taken, check with the user to see if he wants to sell it to you, as many people are looking to sell their domains’ for a handsome amount.

6. Check the MCA website and see if the company name is available to use.

The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA) administers the companies’ working, and all the companies have registered with them. Check the availability of your business name here ADD LINK and be sure your business name not in use.

7. Search the Trademark website to check the availability of the name.

Search the trademark website ADD LINK to check the name’s availability, and if the name you chose has not been picked, then register your business there, and you’re good to go with the last step mentioned in the blog.

8. Check social media and reserve the social media handles

The next thing on your list should be creating social media accounts for your business and preserving your brand’s username there. You don’t want to miss out on that!


You can also take the help of these below mentioned online websites to generate your business names:

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