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Sonia Dawar

I am here to help women entrepreneurs in India to feel empowered with their money.

I want YOU to feel confident in earning money, talking money and managing your own money. It’s time for you to start knowing your numbers and feel confident about your finances – no matter how much money is there in your business account. YOU can be GREAT with MONEY! Start with My Free Guide on Tax Deductions for Business Owners
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Not Your Average

Chartered Accountant

After becoming CA at the age of 21 and working with 2 of the BIG 4 accounting and consulting firms of the world and a Swiss Bank based in Mumbai, Pune and Singapore for the first 5 years, I gained a high level business accounting and tax expertise.
After working with Corporates for 90 hours a week, I decided to finally call it quits 8 years ago and focus more on things that really MATTERs.
I will work along-side YOU and get you financially organised, and in control of your cash flows, while showing you legal ways to save money on taxes!
Just like YOU, I have been building my own business and have first-hand experience with the struggles of young entrepreneurs. I have seen what it’s like when you wear all the hats (or as I like to call it all the shoes together) and do all the things in your business. You feel burnt out! And, then you keep things in the back burner which you don’t understand… Your finances and taxes being on top of that list!
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Thats when I realised if this is happening to me...

it could happen to you

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I got my financial
shit together

I created systems and processes to help me delegate tasks to my team effectively, take on more clients and spend some time-off and enjoy with my family without having to worry about my business.

I can help you with this exactly. I can help YOU find out answers to burning business finance questions like:

  • Am I profitable?
  • Can I quit my full-time job?
  • Can I hire more people?
  • How do I pay myself?
  • Am I saving enough in taxes?
My mission is to see more Indian women in business not just surviving but THRIVING both in their professional and personal lives. That is the true wealth I want to create i my life!!!
I am also a business finance coach and teach business finance to my community of women in my FB Group. Come, join me for free!!!

Here's what I like to call my wealth...

Grow profits in business


When people thought my career is over when I left my corporate job, I showed them how to be a CEO in business and life.


So grateful to have this title in my life! She is my Why for what I do…
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small businesses grow

CEO's wife

Couldn’t have imagined my life without Harsh. From colleagues to best friends to spouse to business partner and parent, we have been through it all… Literally!!!

Travel lover

Together, the goal is to visit 197 countries, we have been to 6 yet. The experiences I create is the true wealth
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Checklist for Starting the Business - the right way

The only checklist you need

Checklist for Starting your Business - The Right Way


We empower creatives and small business owners through accurate bookkeeping and profit-boosting strategies so they can know their numbers, then watch them climb. Download the guide and start your journey to business profits from overwhelm.