3 small business apps that are total lifesavers

3 apps for small businesses
These are a few applications you need when you start a business like Google suite, quickbooks, Mail chimp, etc

An entrepreneur’s real work begins not when he starts the business but when he runs the small business. As easy it may sound, running the business smoothly isn’t an easy task. Taking care of products, services, employees, payments, communications, accounts, etc., as a small business owner is overwhelming. To solve this problem of yours, I have come up with a list of life-saving applications that have helped me, and I’m sure will help you in every aspect of your business.

Let’s go!

Google suite

The first one has to be G Suite as this is the No. 1 app:

G suite gives a host of features such as :

1. Business Email – You will get access to the email id with your Business extension. E.g., Sonia@yourbusiness.com

2. Hangout – for internal chats with your team.

3. Google drive – with G drive, no more losing data from hard disk. The data backup process is automated. You can easily store and share data from it.

4. G Sheet, G Doc, and G Forms – It is a super cool way of working on a project with the team and discussing it with clients simultaneously, without sending the excel file back and forth on email.

5. G Calendar – Many third-party apps link to G calendar and keep us updated on our calls, meetings, and tasks.

Bonus benefit: 

As the business continuity process, the G suite works amazingly well. Recently, I took another system from my office and logged in with my email, and I have all the data in the new system in less than 1 minute.


QuickBooks is online accounting software that helps you in the bookkeeping and accounting of your business. It is an app that takes care of all your financial activities, from raising an invoice to tracking payments and GST, checking bank statements, tracking income and expenses, etc.

Whether you are a small business, self-employed, or an individual who’s starting their business, this app will save you time, money, and workforce.

Mail chimp

Mail Chimp is an email marketing software that stores and manages your clients’ email IDs, prospect clients, subscribers, etc., and helps you to talk, market/sell your services to them in one go. It saves you from the hassle of maintaining and mailing the people on your email list. It is free until you have 2000 members on your contact list, and once you cross that number, you’ll have to choose a paid plan.

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