10 common ITR filing mistakes and how to avoid them.

common itr filing mistakes

10 common mistakes people make while ITR and how to avoid them

Anybody who earns income in India is obliged to pay taxes. The income so earned, and taxes paid on it have to be reported to India’s Government by filing their income tax returns.

While filing ITR, many people make certain common mistakes that might sound silly but can cost real high.

“Wise is an individual who learns from people’s mistakes.” With that said, I have listed out the 10 common mistakes people make while filing ITR and how YOU can avoid them.

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax

MISTAKE 1 – Not filing an income tax return on time or not filing the ITR at all thinking, the TDS has already deducted.

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. You need to file your ITR even if you have paid all of your tax liability as TDS, and no money is payable when filing ITR. Not filing will lead to hefty penalties.
  2. The due date of filing ITR for FY 2019-20 is November 30, 2020. you can still file ITR for FY 2018-19 till September 30, 2020, and FY 2019-20 till March 31, 2021, with late fees and interest.

MISTAKE 2 – Selecting wrong ITR forms

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Do your research properly when preparing for your tax returns or providing data to a professional for filing your tax return.
  2. Watch my exclusive mini-training on selecting the right ITR form or download my checklist for documents you need for filing your income tax returns.

MISTAKE 3 – Updating improper information about the bank accounts and not including the one for a tax refund.

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Update all the bank accounts you own, single or jointly, opened or closed during the year.
  2. Your primary/first bank account should be where your name as per bank a/c is the same as your PAN.
  3. Link your bank a/c with your mobile number.
  4. Primary bank a/c should not be a joint account.

MISTAKE 4 – Not pre-validating your bank a/c

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. From FY 2019-20, the income tax department processes all the tax refunds only online and to your pre-validated bank a/c.
  2. follow my youtube video if you haven’t already pre-validated your bank a/c on the income tax portal
  3. enable EVC for the primary bank account so that you can e-verify your tax return using OTP from this account.

MISTAKE 5 – Mentioning the old residential address in the income tax return where you are not staying anymore

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Update your residential address with the one you are currently staying in or where you will receive any communication from the income tax department.
  2. You may want to make this change in your PAN if you have permanently changed your residential address.

MISTAKE 6 – Not updating your mobile number in your ITR or updating ONLY your CA’s number in your ITR.

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Update the mobile number where you can receive any communication from the tax department and take timely action.
  2. Keep the same mobile number linked with your aadhar card and bank a/c.
  3. If your aadhar card has any wrong mobile number, get this updated at the aadhar portal before filing your ITR.

MISTAKE 7 – Mentioning your CA’s email ID instead of your email ID while filing ITR

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. The tax assessment notifications will be sent to your primary email ID.
  2. Update your personal email ID and not your corporate email ID, which you check once a week.
  3. You can update CA’s email ID as a secondary email ID.

MISTAKE 8 – Not updating your residential status correctly.

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. For FY 2019-20, you are an Indian resident if you have spent more than 182 days in India.
  2. For FY 2019-20, you are also a resident of India, if you have spent 60 days in FY 2019-20 and 365 days in the last four years before 2019-20
  3. Your global income will be taxed in India if you are a resident.
  4. Exclude the period from March 22, 2020, if you are a resident because of lock-down and couldn’t go back to your country.

MISTAKE 9- Not updating your passport details even if you have one.

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Update your valid passport number if you have a valid passport, even if you didn’t travel to any foreign country
  2. Mention the amount spent on foreign travel if you have spent more than INR 2 Lakh on a foreign trip in FY 2019-20
  3. File your ITR even if you don’t have a taxable income of more than INR 2.5 lakh but, you have spent more than 2 lakh on foreign travel

MISTAKE 10: Not proofreading the ITR form before submission

Ways to avoid this mistake:

  1. Read the ITR form thoroughly from the beginning to the end and check if every little piece of information you provide is correct.
  2. Check for spelling errors in the name, address, and other information provided by you.
  3. Check if the mobile number you have provided has 10 numbers in it, and the mail ID you’ve given is working and has no characters missing in it.
  4. Check if the financial information provided by you is apt.



  1. File your ITR using the correct ITR form.
  2. Pre-validate your bank a/c.
  3. Update your primary mobile number and email ID on the IT filing portal.
  4. Update your CA’s mobile and email ID as a secondary contact.
  5. Check name as per bank a/c matches with the name as per PAN for tax refunds.
  6. Check whether the mobile number as per the aadhar number matches your actual mobile number.

Download the ITR checklist to avoid making these mistakes.

Use the checklist to make sure you have all the information you need before you file your ITR.

Let me know if you found this content to be helpful and if you haven’t already then, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

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